Sunday, October 28, 2012

the boy, he keeps us smiling

Yesterday, J-L was looking in the fridge for some ketchup. Jack came running up, put his arms out to block his dad and shouted, "Step aside, Dad. I got this one."


Just now he is putting on some sort of show (unsure of all the details). He came into the room:
"Who wants to come up on stage with me? I bet this pretty lady would like to." as he grabbed hold of Abby's arm.

Oh dear... This show is taking a turn for the worse. Abby just asked him what his show was about.. "Kissing!"

Friday, October 19, 2012

trying to keep perspective

Owned my first car for nearly 12 years. It would appear that I may have owned my second car for oh, about 5.5 months.


Yeah, had a car accident on the way home. I'd be amazed if it WEREN'T written off.

But, I'm fine and trying to keep perspective. It's just a car.

We'll start looking for a new one and when we go test drive we'll ask them to keep their eyes open for us for the NEXT car we need in say, about 6 months.