Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

List of randomness:

1. It’s amazing how many tissues a family can go through when 3 members have major colds.

2. It appears that I have fallen into one of the SAHM traps. I now wear about 3 different [comfortable] outfits only. In fact, yesterday when J-L got home from work he asked me why I was dressed so fancy-fancy. Yeah, I was wearing casual black pants and a t-shirt. Oy!

3. I got to see the national tour of Annie last night. Goodness do I love theatre. Goodness do I love musicals. Here's hoping one or both of my kids will join me (willingly) in a few years.

4. International student #2 is just not working out as well as international student #1. Sigh.

5. Due to some of the emotions tied with #4 it was lovely to receive this in an email earlier this week:

Today is a Saturday, the day that I would usually go over to your place. I miss those times a lot, and I really hope it can happen again. Truth is, it really feels comfortable in your house. Even more comfortable than my own homestay. Putting the fact that P lived there aside, going over gives me a very homey feeling. I love kids, so I enjoyed every moment I spent with Abby. I wished I had spent more time with Jack too! Thank you for inviting me over for supper, thank you for making me feel like home. Being so far away from home, your house was like a home away from home. =) Thank you for everything that you, and your family, have given me. I am really, really, really glad that I met people like you.

It comes from our first international student's girlfriend.

6. Where in the WORLD (okay, likely only in the house) have my slippers gone?

7. I'm rather sick of the octo-mom. Not that I've even seen an interview with her or anything but I've seen enough adverts of how she's going to be on X or Y show and yesterday when I was in the supermarket line-up I believe she was on every magazine cover.

8. I'm also rather sick of hearing how we're in a recession. Okay, I get it. But, I think living in fear can only cause things to get worse rather than better.

9. Jack has recently become a bit of a Momma's baby. This brings about mixed emotions. It feels rather pleasing to see him being held by someone else, notice me and start to whimper. But, I like to go out. He NEEDS to get over any need of having me around all the time.

10. AHA, found the slippers! Warm, comfortable feet again. Ah.

11. I hadn't really intended to give up anything for lent this year. Just wasn't really feeling it. But then Abby heard J-L and I discussing it one day and she announced that she wanted to give something up. Well then. Seems to me if she's starting to "get it" even just a tiny bit I really should give something up as a teaching lesson if for no other reason. (Aside: anyone have any good devotionals or reading material aimed at a preschooler's level for lent?)

12. February is almost over and I'm so okay with that. For years now February has been my least favorite month. March starts to feel like hope again.

13. Make that FOUR family members with a cold. I think Jack just caught it. Sigh.


Blogger Heather said...

#3. I'm jealous!

#5. Nice.

#7. Oh yeah, ME TOO!

#8. Ditto.

#11. Lent kinda snuck up on me this year. I haven't given anything up.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

I like the idea that for Lent you can also add something. I'm adding a small thing to my daily routine.

As for international students...some are definitely better than others. Hopefully this one is just taking a little longer to adjust.

6:19 PM  

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