Monday, December 13, 2004

My Life

I have stood under the sweeping sails of the Sydney opera house.

I have sat in an outdoor café in Venice, my sister by my side, gazing on the Grand Canal.

I have known love – from a niece that lay on my chest to sleep to a mother who rocked me and sang sad songs to me to a man whose face lights up when I walk in the room.

I know what it feels like to have a koala wrap its arms around me.

I have known loneliness – to be in another country with limited phone capabilities and no one on the same continent who knew my name let alone what makes me smile or weep.

I have known pain – lying in bed crying, screaming and praying intermittently while a kidney stone seemingly consumes my body.

I have known heartbreak – sleeping in my father’s scent the night of his death.

To feel content I need to visit a new part of the world at least once a year.

One day I want to know what the trees smell like in Brazil.

One day I want to know what it feels like to have my baby’s breath on my bosom.

I am loyal to my friends and consider myself blessed and lucky to have them in my corner.

I was perfectly content as a single person and now I am blissfully content as a couple.

I really don’t like clothing shopping. But, get me in a book store, card store or kitchen supply store and I can happily wander.

I don’t like cantaloupe.

New experiences thrill me.

I want to and choose to question everything. I don’t necessarily do this to be seen as a cynic or skeptic but rather to learn more and be open to new ideas which may vary from mine considerably.

I love to cook. I don’t love baking. I love to cook something that I know well and know tastes delicious but I also love to cook new and interesting things that contain unusual ingredients.

I love words. I love to read and reread well-formed thoughts and sentences. I often read things and wish I could write eloquently.

I strive to be a minimalist. I know that I haven’t achieved it and that I will probably never achieve it but I am trying. I don’t want to raise children who want more and more stuff. I want to raise children who have an appreciation for how excessive our country is.


Blogger The Passarelli's said...

I am Mike from Heather's blog. I can't believe how much your picture reminds me of my late wife ,Wendy.
She was a world traveler. She worked for Liberty Travel. She died 3 years ago , two days after our son's second birthday. Liz was her very best friend in college.

Oh well, I read this and it reminded me so much of how my wife thought.

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