Friday, November 09, 2007

Public Service Announcement - Cell Phones

- If you are in a face-to-face conversation with someone do NOT accept a phone call unless you are waiting for news on your heart transplant or your wife may be in labour.
- Ditto to text messaging. It's just rude texting (because to text is now a verb) when you are chatting with someone in person. And don't think it's any better if you're slyly texting while still looking at the person. It's not; they know what you're doing. They still feel slighted.
- Having phone conversations in movies and concerts and the likes is considered unacceptable. Well, I'm going to take it one step further. Using the text message option is just as RUDE. You know that stupid handy little LED screen that helps you read the tm (look at me trying to act like I know the lingo probably only serving to prove that I don't.) in the dark? Well, it glows with the fervor of a thousand watt bulb and is very aggravating to the person sitting beside you or behind you. And the other thing, did you NOT pay money for this concert? Don't you want to watch it?
- Oh, I know, you thought I was done. Oh no, I've barely just begun. This is my soapbox and I'm gonna shout it. Basically, under no circumstances do you need to have a conversation while standing in line at the grocery store or on the bus or in an elevator. You know the people standing 18” from you who are stuck there? They now have to listen to your conversation. And I would place bets that they don't want to. Find a private place to talk. Here's a crazy option: Tell the person you'll call them back. Zany, hey?
- You know that Nelly Furtado ring tone? Or the Looney Tunes one? The one that makes you smile every time you hear it? It doesn't make anyone else smile. Period. Change it. Now. Did you hear me? If you'd like your phone to remain in the current state it’s in MAKE THE RING TONE AN ACTUAL RING.
- Take it off your belt. You're just embarrassing yourself.
- If you should have your hands on the wheel you should NOT have your hands on your cell phone, esPECIALLY not dialing or texting. I don't care if you're Richard Petty, it's just not safe.
- This last one might come as a complete shocker: Your phone actually has an off button. I KNOW! Isn't that crazy? Unless you're George Bush or a heart surgeon (apparently I'm a little obsessed with hearts today) you don't actually need to be reached at all times. We actually went thousands of years without them. We are NOT more important than our grandparents.


Blogger beckster said...

Heartily agreed.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Michele said...

amen, and amen.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although you make some valid points which I whole heartedly agree with, it looks like someone is having a VERY BAD day, PMSing, or some how has the opinion that she is better than everyone else in the world of technology. The world is advancing whether you like it or not, therefore, what was once considered socially unacceptable, has now changed. We certainly don't start sentences everyday with "Thy" or a "curtsey/bow", which was once considered only the polite way to address proper conversation and/or greetings. Times change; better get over it, as the majority of people don't care what you think about their cell phone usage; it's just pompous and you're out-numbered.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous J-L said...

Anonymous, I think you missed the point of the post. It is not a bash on technology, it is a lament on courtesy because of cell phones. As a salesman who uses his Blackberry everyday, I make a conscious effort to leave it in my van when I am making sales calls out of courtesy to the person/s that I am dealing with. My attention is focused on them, not on an incoming phone call or text message. I would be surprised if it did not bother you at least a little bit if someone answered their cell phone while you were having a meaningful conversation.

You are right about one thing though. Most cell phone users could care less about conversations that people have on their phones. But I am quite certain that you don't want to hear me talking to my wife about whether we should have meat loaf of chicken for supper, and I don't want to hear you ramble on to your buddy about the blonde you tried to hit on last night but she turned you down cold. Some things are better left private.

I also think that the whole PMS comment is unfounded and a total "guy" thing to say, and this is coming from a guy. Your method of thinking leads me to believe that you don't actually have a clue about women.

I would like to carry on this discusion with you anytime you want to, but since you appear to be afraid to put your name behind your comments, I guess it ends here. Oh well, I have to leave a TM for my BFF, so Anonymous, TTYL.

5:27 PM  
Blogger pamero said...

That was thee most exciting day in blog land. By the way anonymous-that was super lame not putting your name. Pam Amero thinks if you want to disagree with people, don't be a sucky baby. And here here ccap to a super awesome post because most people I know also hate bad cell phone etiquette even though they own one...And just one more thing ANONymous, courtesy and politness are NOT out of date even though you seem to think they are.
So...suck on that.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Don Amero said...

Ya, suck on that!

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Don Amero said...


6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I got the point. Perhaps my saying, "... which I whole heartedly agree with...", wasn't read, even though it was the first words write... just remember the next time standing in line at the super market that the person who is on the phone, or the reason it is ringing may be because they need to ask a question about what to purchase; or they have elderly people who need to get a hold of them ANY TIME; or perhaps the babysitter is calling with an emergency about something, and what is felt to be unpolite or inconsiderate does not need to be looked down upon by someone who feels it isn't necessary to have the phone with you, or on, or ringing for that matter. Ananymous or not... perhaps it is better to be anonymous than hurt someone who "may" be close to you, who will not accept another's opinion because that person is so opinionated herself and makes people feel bad for having one of their own.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous bbb said...

I recommend a follow-up rant about blog response postings! :-)

12:22 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

it's very presumptuous and in poor taste to anonymously assume someone is pms-ing.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Well isn't this fun?

Anonymous, around here, YOU'RE outnumbered. Some of us still believe courtesy is in fashion.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... obviously, most of you don't get it. Again, "I whole heartedly agree" with inconsideration, the insessant need people have to drive with an electronic device stuck to their ear. The point that was being made was one person doesn't have to be judgmental of everyone who carries a cell phone (eg. at the supermarket) which is felt to be unnecessary. Sometimes it is necessary and when it is heard to ring in those not-so-acceptable places, perhaps before judgment is made, a well thought out, "I wonder why it is ringing" and thinking positively instead of negatively might be in order. I think I can pretty much say with confidence that everyone has had their cell phone ring at any one of the locations and times that CCAP is mentioning and perhaps instead of bashing, a step back is required to think, "oh, perhaps I need to speak to my wife/husband to see exactly what she/he is asking for at the supermarket, because I'm not entirely sure", or getting only part sentences and automatically assuming it is an unecessary phone call when a parent has actually had a bad accident or been hospitalized, and like. Just trying to say that before someone gets on their grumpy soapbox, perhaps TRY to remember not to be so quick to judge. Writing blogs when someone should actually be working, and that is what they are being paid for at the time, could leave room for judgment as well, but I try to step back and think... perhaps this person is on their coffee break or lunch break, that they aren't doing it on someone else's dime, even though the time stamps happen at various times throughout the day - considered not in good form.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Anonymous, may I please refer to you as BFS? (BFS comes from Big Friendly Stalker because I got a little angry when I read your criticisms of ccap - especially about blogging while at work - that felt a little stalkerish to me. And I want to have a name for you.) My name is Wendy. I just wanted to offer the hint that - perhaps - it's time to let this conversation rest. The more you write, the more we get to know about you - and that's OK. It's just that it's not exactly your best side that we're getting to know. And that might be a little unfortunate. Coming from a lady who rammed her shopping cart into the lady in front of her earlier today (ie. a human being who needs plenty of unconditional forgiveness) let's get into the fun of today and past the hurt feelings of coming off our pedestals. Fun is so much more fun!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Accidental Poet said...


Saying that you agree and then spending several sentences disagreeing makes your initial agreement difficult to notice.

Now it seems as though you personally have an issue or two with CCAP, and may I respectfully say that you are choosing the most unkind place possible to deal with those issues? I know from personal experience, that although she is a woman of strongly held opinions, you can disagree with her and be heard. Even if you are unsure about how well received your disagreement will be, hiding behind an anonymous comment does nothing but hurt her feelings.
And yes, it is possible to hurt her feelings.
And I really wish you would stop.
If you want to talk about this some more, please e-mail me privately at

10:54 AM  
Blogger corrie said...

Anonymous, you are really starting to bother me. And I don't bother easily. I think you're exactly the person that we (and by we, I mean the collective group of people who read this blog are are generally anti-texting/cellphone usage) have a problem with. First of all, it's not like we're stupid. There's a difference between someone who talks on their phone in the grocery store, the restaurant, the bus, etc. without the consideration of those around them and someone who quickly answers it to find out what's going on or if there is an emergency. I say again, we're not stupid, we can HEAR what's going on. If they answer the phone and say, "Oh no! Mom's in the hospital!" chances are we won't resent them for answering their phone. If they answer their phone and proceed to have a twenty minute convesation, loudly and in our ear, about the colour they're going to highlight their hair that's when we take issue. Or when the eighteen year old girl beside us in the concert answers text after text after text. Are you saying each one is an emergency? And if they are, maybe it's time to leave the concert and give them a call in the foyer. Second, I grieve for our society if consideration for others is going out the window. If we value technology over personal relationship then we really are in trouble. The funny thing is I've defended technology to the older generation even though I don't use a cellphone, bluetooth, or blueberry. Within certain parameters the use of these technologies can be perfectly acceptable even while being concious of the people around us and how we affect them. You and your opinions have made me reconsider. If everyone who had a cellphone was as obstinate as you when it came to the people around them our society would be rude, uncaring, and unsympathetic. Like I say, that makes me grieve a little bit. Third, you keep hitting us over the head with the phrase "I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE WITH" but you really don't. If you wholeheartedly agreed you would have said, "Hear, hear!" or "You go girl!" not "I wholeheartedly agree" and then proceed to wholeheartedly disagree. Fourth, just because our society is heading towards technology as being the most important thing valued in our lives with human relationship being less important why does that mean that we have to agree with it? If murder became acceptable by certain members of our society should we just shut up and go along with it because that's how times were changing? C'mon, think it through a little before you say stuff like that. Times are changing better get used to it. Really? I have no say in what happens in my own society or what is acceptable/not acceptable? Wow. Imagine if Gandhi had agreed with you. Or Jesus. Or Winston Churchill. Or Stephen Biko. Five, leave my friend alone. There's no need to get personal, all attacking her about her work ethic and all that garbage. CCAP puts herself out there everyday and is vulnerable in certain ways to whoever stops by and you have the nerve to come on her blog and be mean to her? I guess cellphone use isn't the only area where politeness is going down the drain. I don't even know you or who you are because you choose not to make yourself known but I know this, CCAP is a harder worker than you, me, and most other people I know. And she never shoves her opinions down anyone's throat, but stands up for what she believes in (after A LOT of thought and consideration) and challenges those around her to think their opinions and beliefs through. So don't bring up that crap because that's a low blow and shows your lowness more than it does anyone else's. I agree with Wendy. You're not showing your best side, and I'm sure you have some lovely traits, but they're just not that obvious right now.

Please keep posting, CCAP, I love your blog and reading what's on your heart and mind.

11:38 AM  
Blogger pamero said...

Here, here! Well spoken all! (except you know who)
Also: Please CCAP, continue posting. I always love to read your latest post.
Anonymous:Just go away now please.
You are not thought provoking, just mean.

11:46 PM  
Blogger beckster said...

One more comment for Mr. Anonymous:
As a seventeen year old girl, in grade twelve, I cannot tell you what angers me more. The fact that my friend couldn’t sit through a 40 minute Remembrance Day assembly without checking her phone four times because she was receiving text messages. And I can assure you they were not emergencies. She couldn’t even turn it off for 40 minutes to give some respect to those who died for her, so that she could have her precious cellular telephone. So now, if these are the views my generation is growing up with, how are we to be saved from ourselves in later years if all the people in the previous generation just give in, and say “Oh well, times are changing.”
It is either this that bothers me or the fact that you think we are all idiots. Not only am I still in high school and think your views and opinions are retarded, and already look down on you for making my friend feel like crap. But I also work as a cashier in a grocery store. And if anyone knows what is happening during that phone call as they come through the checkout, it is the cashier. We have nothing else to do than scan items and listen. And I can also assure you out of the dozen or so people that come through my check out line on their cell phone each night, I have not encountered anyone whom has seemed to be in a rush because of an emergency they just found out about. And if you are calling your spouse, mother, father… to see if you have the right grocery items, don’t you think that a better time to do that would be before you waited in line and are in the process of paying for them?
So next time you think your all high and mighty, above us who think cell phone etiquette matters greatly, I think you should get off your high horse, look around, and think a little. But this is only what I, Rebecca Van Aertselser, thinks. Though it sure seems I have a lot more people who agree with me than you, Mr. Anonymous.

12:49 PM  

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