Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Tuesday Twelve

1. We went jean shopping for me the other day. Seems trickier than it used to be. If I recall correctly, as a teenager I just went into a store, found my size tried them on and bought them. Now it's darkwash, skinny jeans, relaxed fit, mid-rise, bootcut, flare, high-rise, boyfriend fit... All just served to make me feel old and more than just a little frustrated.

2. Cuteness from the resident 2 year-old: We did end up finding a pair I liked that fit. At the till the woman asked me my name etc. I proceeded to spell it out: C-Y-N, only to be interrupted by a puzzled 2 year-old: "No, it's spelled M-O-M."

3. Having a teenager (especially, dare I say, male teenager?) added to the home sure adds to the grocery bill. I'm not complaining, I just didn't think we'd notice as much of a difference as we have.

4. More Cftr2yo: Abby, Jack and I are bathing this morning. Out of the blue Abby looks at her brother and pronounces: "We have a good life, Jackie." melt.

5. There's nothing like adding an 18 year-old who has spent the last number of years in a British boarding school to the home to make you feel a bit boorish at meal times. Wow, is he proper. Seriously, if we were so inclined we could sure learn a lot from him in regards to proper etiquette. Too bad we're just so darn lazy and comfortable in our uncultured ways.

6. Cuteness from the resident 41 year-old: Sunday night Abby, Jack, J-L and I are creating tents on our bed. J-L: "See, there are lots of ways to have fun in bed."

7. As I'm sure most know: I don't enjoy clothing shopping. Clothes are a necessity, not really a fashion statement. And yet, when I'm wearing nothing but maternity clothes I look at regular clothes and swoon a little at how cute and small they are. And now? Now that I'm nursing? Yeah, I look at pretty bras and swoon a little at all the lovely colours.

8. Jack is at a stage now where he smiles very easily. And yet, you have to work for a giggle from him. So, for those of you who have gotten one from him? Yeah, be proud of yourselves.

9. I honestly don't know why ANYONE would EVER want to be the leader of a country. But now? Amidst a war that's gone too long and an economy in trouble? What would possess someone to CHOOSE to take on that job?

10. Driving around doing errands today I don't know what made me smile more, #2 giggling at something #1 was doing or the incredible joy it brought #1 that she could make #2 laugh.

11. More Cftr2yo: Last week we needed to have a relatively quick lunch. So, I suggested to Abby that she have a pizza pop. Her response: "Pizza pop! Yay! PIZZA POP!" [long pause] "What's a pizza pop?"

12. It's getting colder out. I don't want to turn the furnace on yet. A lot of nights I stay up well past my husband. By that time I'm rather chilled. It is just ever so lovely to climb into bed next to a warm body. I don't take it for granted for a moment.

Bonus cftr2yo: We were putting laundry away yesterday. She has several different types of underwear and must name each type as she hands it to me to put away: "Curious George panties, Friday panties, Duck panties, Froot at the Loop panties..."


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What a nice post.

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Froot at the loop panties. I LOVE it.

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