Thursday, July 23, 2009

It might be a lot of work but living with a 3 year-old couldn't be much more fun


Yesterday at Ballet in the Park:

Abby: Dad, if you have any money leftover, can you buy me some popcorn?
J-L: No, I’m not buying you popcorn. I have $3 leftover but I am giving that as a donation.

Repeat somewhere between 3-300 times.


Abby: Dad, if you have any money leftover…
J-L (frustrated by this point): Abby! I am not buying you any popcorn!
Abby: I know! I was going to say: if you have any money leftover can you give it to me so that I can buy some popcorn.

This evening on our walk:

Abby (clutching some pink twine): Mom, I’m going to make a cloud.
Me (perplexed): Um, how exactly are you going to make a cloud?
Abby (slightly frustrated, pointing up): Like THOSE!

Oh yes, of COURSE. Duh!


Blogger K,W,G and ? said...

Precious moments! (Oops - that's pure cliche but I didn't mean it that way.) Anyway, you are one very lucky, hard-working woman. So happy for you. Kind of like the best part of our days - being with our husbands and child(ren) - is also the most exhausting part of our day. And still almost every day we get up and look forward to that bit the most. Fun mother love. So thankful we get to have a taste.

3:44 AM  
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