Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 25th

Yesterday was my birthday. One of my friends sent me this wish: "I hope your day has at least five moments that feel like 'ah, yes, this is right'." I got the wish just before I started with my day. It was perfect timing. It rested on my brain the entire day. And here is my list of 5 ah yes, this is right moments:
  1. A few moments of cuddly giggly time with my son in the morning while
  2. my husband went downstairs to peel all the potatoes for lunch to get them started.
  3. Singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs in my mom's church. I know you'll get that one, Wendy. I love my church but I'll be honest there is just NOTHING like 4 part harmony that you'll find in a Mennonite church.
  4. My positively wonderful sister-in-law passing me a quilt that she had knitted specially for me. That she knitted for me over the past few months while she prayed for my children. I have wanted a homemade knitted quilt for probably about 25 years. I now have one. I'm the luckiest.
  5. Opening a gift from my mom (we had to do second hand or homemade) to see a tiny pair of mittens that my great-grandmother knit for me when I was a wee babe. I could have cried.
  6. Bonus: Going off to see a late movie with one of my favorite brothers, my favorite sister and my bestest mom.

It was a happy day. Some things suck about having my birthday on Christmas Day but oh so very few. I get to be with people I love on my birthday and that's a good thing.


Blogger beckster said...

Sweet! Sounds like a pretty good birthday to me! I would be satisfied with it! :)

7:22 PM  
Blogger K,W,G and D said...

Touched. Deeply touched. Thank you.

4:24 PM  
Blogger K,W,G and D said...

The first comment was after the first glance. This one comes after having read the post thoroughly. I am so glad. You had a beautiful day, Cee. Or at the very least, six very beautiful moments. I couldn't have asked for more. Happy Birthday!

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday! I thought of you on your birthday (because you are the only one I know with a Christmas birthday), and said a little prayer of blessing for you. Sounds like you had a lovely day!

11:57 PM  

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