Saturday, April 18, 2009

Next time I'm 3 I want to be just like her.

1. Not even for a second does she think that perhaps her 9 year-old boy cousin wouldn't want to play with her. Her boring or too little? Of COURSE he wouldn't think that. Not even a moment of self-doubt.

2. A strange church and no parent or other 3 year-old that she knows in the Sunday School? So what! It's time to go so off she goes, leaving her parents behind.

3. It's time for her first swim lesson. The teacher is sprinkling water on each of the kids to help them adjust to having water on their faces. She? Has dunked her head under water 3 times already before the teacher even gets to her. Easily the bravest* kid in the class.**

Anyone who knew me when I was three would be able to contest that brave, confident or outgoing I was not.

* Also the most excited. Recently I've been thinking that perhaps ALL three year-olds jump for joy All. The. Time. Nope, not so much.

** And yes, this would be me bragging about my kid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a delightful, delightful visit.

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