Friday, September 04, 2009

Here we goooooo

After problems with visas and some lack of communication and a flight that couldn't be boarded and a week plus delay and...

Well, P and C are due to arrive tomorrow at 20:30. And I feel slightly more ready than I did the last time we thought they'd be arriving so THAT'S lovely.

But perhaps someone can explain to me how this all happened. 6 years ago I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment with 1 bed and 1 dresser and a couch and a loveseat. And now I live in a 5 (5! seriously! What is up with THAT?) bedroom house with 2 living rooms, 5 beds (all of which will be used in a few short hours), 5 dressers (again, not an excess, they actually will be in use) and 5 other people. How did that all happen?

It's a nutty (lucky) life.


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