Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 of 1 and 1 of the other

Jack story #1:

My mother is going through chemo treatments. Every night we pray for her as a family. Her in particular. It's usually J-L that prays for her. Every single night after J-L prays this Jack pipes up: "and Pake". Every night. One night J-L thought he'd be tricky and instead of praying for Grandma he prayed for his mother-in-law. Nope, didn't work. Jacky: "and Pake".


Jack story #2

We're driving home from daycare one day and Jack announces to me that he wants to buy me a new car.

ccap: Why, Jack? This one's fine.
Jack: Nope, I buy you a new car.
ccap: Why?
Jack: This one's dirty.

Every night at prayer time Abby and Jack are told to pray for something from that day specifically. Something they need to be thankful for.

That night:
Jack: I thankful for the car I'm buying Mom.

Well, hey, at least he's going to be good to his Momma.


Abby story:

Tonight we spent some time going through a tote of handmedowns to dig out the next size of clothes for her. Both winter and summer clothes. I pull out a long-sleeved shirt that we can tuck away for the fall. I hold it out for Abby to see if she wants to keep it or pass it on to someone else. (She's very particular about clothes. Sigh.)

Abby (looks at it and shakes her head in all sincerity): No, I don't like nurtletecks.


Blogger pamero said...

Well, to be fair, I also hate nurtletecks.

11:56 PM  
Blogger corrie said...

Oh, man, just thinking of those little guys makes me want to squish 'em um into a hug!

3:47 PM  
Blogger corrie said...

or... squish 'em UP into a hug. But squish 'em um might be okay, too.

3:48 PM  
Blogger K,W,G and D said...

A week or so later...
Thinking of Jack today as he turns 3. Happy Birthday, Jack!

5:00 PM  
Blogger K,W,G and D said...

I am so very sorry about your Mom. I didn't know... sorry.

5:13 PM  

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