Friday, June 03, 2005

Pollyanna time.

For the past few weeks I have taken work home more than half of the evenings. I do not do this to charm my employer or to receive heaps of gratitude. I do this as a survival tool for myself only. But, as I sat and cried while I worked last night for an extra hour or two I realized I am weary of this and I also realized that with my struggles at work and with my struggles over weight gain AND with all the rain we've been having I'm heading down a path I don't like. A path of feeling sorry for myself and being sad more often than I am happy. And it's time to turn that around. With baby steps at least. One baby step for today is that I will NOT take work home this weekend. And my other baby step for now is a list of things to be grateful for:

1) The maternity skirt that I am wearing today is exceedingly comfortable.
2) Due to the continual rain, tomorrow I am having a mini movie day with 2 people who love me and love movies about as much as I do.
3) It's Friday.
4) I have Jann Arden's latest cd playing on my cd player.
5) The cake that I baked for work (and for tonight's supper) was a delicious mid-morning snack.
6) A week from today I get to see my baby on an ultrasound.
7) My boy, who is on a business trip right now, is missing me as I am missing him. He never told me this, I just know. :-)
8) I had a lovely talk with my brother last night. He was inviting me out to his place before the tulips (that we planted together last fall) were done blooming. It was very kind of him to realize that that might matter to me.
9) I DIDN'T swallow my engagement ring. (Yup, another one of those insane pregnant dreams.)
10) One day I will get to take cool black & white photos of my baby. And THAT, my friends, will fill up my maternity leave if nothing else. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make sure you take nakey black and whites!

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