Thursday, December 07, 2006

Love Thursday

6:45 am. I climb out of the tub. The morning ritual is well underway. Next comes the face cream and then brushing of the teeth. But not this time. I'm not quite ready for that yet. I dry off and wander naked to my daughter's room. She is sleeping still. I know I should just leave her be but sometimes I just can't. Sometimes I need to pause with her. I pick her up. She sleeps. In her red sleeper. The one with the zipper and the white feet. The one we love, her dad and I.

We wander quietly back to our room, her head resting gently on my shoulder. I pull back the blanket. I climb under, lying down with her on top of me. I pull the blanket over us. This big, fluffy blanket made by my mother and me, with the wool from my father's sheep. She continues to rest her head on my bare skin. Her arms down by her side, tucked in between our bodies slightly for warmth. She is starting to get restless. Her eyes remain closed but she begins to stir. First it's just a toss or two of the head. Then she flops the top part of her body off mine. But, eyes still closed she continues to struggle with waking.

But then there's that sound. 7:00 am. On the dot. Every morning, Monday to Friday. That key in the lock. Metal on metal. So familiar to both of us. Her father is home. Back from the gym before heading off to work. Home to help with the preparation of the day. Home to be a dad.

And her head pops up. Now she is awake. The sound woke her. The sound she loves. The sound that means that Papa is home. And up she jumps to bound to the door for their morning greeting.

Who would have ever guessed it? Who would have known that one day my heart would be taken by these two? By this kind man with the gap between his teeth, the short legs and the penchant for 80s music. By this tiny girl with the big brown eyes, the mess of curls and the matching gap between her teeth.

I smile. We kiss. And I head off to restart the morning ritual.

P.S. I just found out about Love Thursday from Jody which I then traced to Chookooloonks and I was feeling just sappy enough to post my own today.


Blogger Cakes said...

Glad you were feeling sappy today.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous ccap'sboy said...

Thanks for the cry, Moodge. I too love that time of day. I get to see my girls, all ready (or almost, in Abby's case)to take on the world.

I am so blessed to have the two of you. Thanks for you, my beautiful wife.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Wendy said...

That post is a keeper. Wow.

3:34 PM  
Blogger PastorMac's Ann said...

Beautiful! Truly.

So glad that you played along today. Happy Love Thursday.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Jody said...

That is just beyond sweet.

It makes me want to snuggle under the covers with my daughter.

Thanks for sharing with us!

5:02 PM  
Anonymous sis said...

Aaawwwww, so sweet. I love those waking up stretches. So nice to snuggle in and share those waking moments with your two sweeties.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Nichole said...

That was so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

Sappy is NICE.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sappy.


12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! I love this!!! Very sweet.

1:01 PM  

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