Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A story

This morning mr. ccap took The Babe off to daycare. Nice. Off I headed to work. Being nearly half an hour early I decided to stop for a coffee. A rare treat. Actually, I believe since I started here (9 months ago) this would only be the second time I stopped for a cup of coffee. Usually I just drink the office crud.

Lovely. I feel so urban, so sophisticated. All I need is my high powered suit and my coach bag instead of my flats and my 8 year-old slightly too tight dress.

While there I am tempted by the baked goods all glimmering beneath the cake servers. Oooh. That poppyseed cinnamon bun looks divine. That bran muffin looks light and tasty. Quickly I decide "why not?". Sure I only have $5 of my "allowance" for the rest of this week. But hey, tonight I'll be unpacking and tomorrow is a birthday party so really, when else will I spend the money? I order a raisin scone, butter on the side. The man tucks it into the little brown bag and hands it to me. I carry it to the car feeling ohsohip with my brown bag and coffee-to-go. The world is my oyster!* I can take on anything with my lovely scone and coffee! All my work will be done in moments due to sufficient sustenance in the form of an infrequent treat!

Oh my!

The thing is about as stale as a scone has ever been in the history of scones. I want my $1.60 back!


* ??


Blogger Heather said...

Oh man - that sucks.

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