Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anyone up for a road trip?

On our honeymoon my husband and I drove through Vermont. And on a road less traveled we drove through a small beautiful town with about a dozen houses and a beautiful white church. And... an art gallery. We had to stop. How could we not? It was a lovely place but there is one piece that stands out to me very vividly. It was a large mirror framed with tiles made from antique black and white photos of buildings in New York. It was stunning. It certainly wasn't cheap and it certainly wasn't the type of thing we would have bought on a whim - especially since we had no place to put it.

But now...

Now I have a place for it. A PERFECT place for it. Frankly, it belongs in my home. (a) I love NYC. (b) I love art and (c) I love looking at myself... no, I love unique pieces bought from small art galleries in Vermont.

If only it weren't such a long drive.


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