Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wherein I whine about Halloween (in 10 easy steps)

1) I don't particularly like Halloween. I mean, I like the social element of it and I CERTAINLY like Rockets (Smarties for you American readers) and the mini chocolate bars but that's really about it.

2) Well, I love seeing kids in costume too.

3) But I HATE having to come up with costumes.

4) One would think that as a single person with no children I wouldn't have that much to whine about.

5) But nonetheless I do. We as a children's ministry team from my church put on a costume party every year. And we "have" to dress up for it.

6) Blech.

7) And now I went and had myself a kid. Sigh. More costumes to worry about.

8) Stupid thing is, as much as I hate it, I care. I don't want her wearing some cheap, plastic Wal-Mart costume. And so... a whole lotta money as I'm not so much a seamstress like my sister. AND, I'm a little bit silly and don't feel like reusing friend's or family's costumes that everyone has already seen. Grr.

9) Thought I might find a costume idea for myself for our costume party this year on ebay.

10) Goodness gracious! I didn't get very far at all. The first 3 pages of costumes for women on ebay? I think there might have been 1 or 2 that didn't contain the words "sexy" or "naughty".*

Bonus: It's a KIDS' party. I don't think that would be appropriate.

* Don't believe me? Here's a sampling: Sexy vixen pirate wench, sexy German beer maid, sexy Tinkerbell, sexy official referee girl, sexy Little Red Riding Hood, sexy angel, sexy Strawberry Shortcake, sexy Alice in Wonderland, sexy girl scout. Do you feel a little dirty now? Alice in Wonderland? Strawberry Shortcake?... Are those not CHILDREN'S costumes?! shudder.


Blogger Michele said...

kept wanting to comment on this...

almost wrote a post myself after seeing some of these 'in the flesh,' so to speak, with micah.

i didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he said, 'mom!! you can be the naughty nurse!!"

11:11 PM  

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