Monday, January 07, 2008

Because I need to record the cuteness as it happens or I'll forget

(1) We are having a very hard time choosing a boy's name for our unborn child. (For some reason we've had no problem with a girl name - last time nor this time.) We thought we'd let Abby choose. We presented 2 names to her and asked her which boy's name she liked best. Her first response: "Daddy!"

(2) We are forging ahead with potty-training. (She's pretty much trained herself on the pooping side of things but the peeing might actually take some work on our part. Shucks.) Since she's got a sweet tooth we've decided she can have a candy every time she's successful. Thing is, as much as she LOVES this she also feels that Mommy & Daddy should have candies every time we pee and poo too. Who am I to argue?


Blogger Cakes said...

"Daddy?!" *swoon* how adorable is that?! and a candy pusher, too! You got a winner.

11:31 PM  

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