Sunday, November 02, 2008


The day was busy. A quick breakfast and then off for grocery shopping and various other running around. A rushed lunch, a kiss and a good-bye for the day. The remainder of the day apart. Me, at the church prepping for the costume party and her hanging out with her dad. Yes, we saw each other at the costume party but as I was running one of the games there wasn’t much time for togetherness. Following the costume party it was time for mad clean-up and then she headed home while I went out for a late night supper with the other leaders. I get home and she is still awake. In bed, but still awake. I crawl under the covers with her for a momentary cuddle. The last few moments of attempting to sleep have softened her typical rambunctious personality. She doesn’t immediately climb on me or want to play or jump on the bed. Instead she lays beside me and ever so sweetly turns to me and quietly says "So, how was your day?" in her tiny 3 year-old voice. And I think to myself, "well, honey, this was the best part."

That’s it. Right there. That’s what I waited for. All those years, just that. A little girl who would care about me just as much as I care about her.


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Nice. :-)

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