Thursday, August 16, 2012

Conversation in our van last night (Background info: J-L is in charge of the hockey pool at his work and does the stats on the weekend, with Abby’s help.):

ccap: Moodge, don’t forget that you owe Brad $20 for B’s hockey pool.
J-L: Oh, yeah, thanks for the reminder.
Abby: What hockey pool?
J-L: B’s.
Abby: Like the one you do at work?
J-L: Yes.
Abby: So, you write down all the teams and the scores?
ccap: No. Someone else does that. Dad just played in the pool.
Abby: I don’t get it. Who wrote it down?
J-L: Someone from B’s hockey team.
Abby: So, how did you play in it?
ccap: Dad sent his choices to Uncle Brad and Uncle Brad played for him.
Abby: So, did you pick which teams you wanted?
J-L: Yes.
Abby: And did you keep track of everyone’s scores?
J-L: No, someone on B’s hockey team did.
Abby: I still don’t get it.
J-L: Don’t worry about it, honey. You don’t NEED to get it.

All are silent in their respective unanswered questions and frustrations.

Jack: You play hockey in a POOL?!


Blogger corrie said...

Oh, that is just great! It'Jack's question is how I feel most of the time when sports come up in conversation!

11:05 AM  

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