Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thirteen Walks. The third

Another one of those weeks when we could barely fit it in. J-L was gone for the majority of the week so it was doubly sweet having Friday evening together as a family. This week took us to Sage Creek.

And yes, there is a pond there. And pond means there must be rocks that can be thrown in said pond. This was Jack's face every time his dad was able to make the long throw to the pond.

Some "jump me, mom and dad!".
A little bit of piggy back.

 And, Abby had some time sitting by the pond and some interview questions for her parents. What we wanted to be when we grew up. Who our teachers were through the years. What we liked to do outside when we were little. And for every question one of us would win. I have no idea what the deciding factor was but I do think in the final end I came out ahead. Although, J-L was a little miffed when I won with one of my teachers: "But, my teacher was a NUN! A NUN!!" I think after reconsideration he took that one. 


Blogger K,W,G and D said...

With hardly enough time to fit in the walks, you might not have time to join us at a park... All the same, two on our list are the play structure at the Rady Jewish Community Centre (kids see it as we drive by and want to stop so stop we shall) and the water park at Kildonan Park. Great rates for a family pass for the whole summer, too! You on?

7:15 PM  

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