Thursday, August 03, 2006

Things I Learned on our Road Trip (okay, some of them I probably knew already)

Seeing as we've been back for 5 days I thought I should probably shoot off at least one vacation post before heading back into RL posts.

1. Chicken fajitas are quite tasty even if you forgot to buy tortillas.
2. "Grandma's Pasties" can make us Manitobans giggle, in the Michigan's upper peninsula it doesn't mean quite what we envision.
3. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is VERY pretty. We'll visit there longer sometime.
4. Seagulls love to spread garbage around campsites.
5. Fort Erie, ON is NOT 2 hours away. Even if the sign suggests that it is. Thinking so can make for a very long afternoon.
6. Making Greek salad dressing at home to take on the road makes for a quick, healthy supper with just a few extra ingredients. Cleaning Greek salad dressing off of everything in the cooler NOT so much fun.
7. Some campsites are meant to be driven by. The next one is probably better.
8. When you see a onesie that states "Happy Camper" on it, BUY IT, even if it seems a little high-priced. You'll be sorry you didn't afterwards.
9. You just may see more wildflowers along the road than you will at "The Vermont Wildflower Farm". (But, it still might be a nice walk.)
10. An entire campground that smells of pee is not much of a fun place to hang out.
11. Pennsylvania has something against us. We've driven through it on two different occasions and it rained both times.
12. If you can dodge wrenches, you can dodge balls. (That one's just for you, J-L.)
13. If someone offers me free ice cream their generosity makes me want to pay more than what they normally charge.
14. I like going barefoot. But, seeing loads of duck and goose poop around a campsite makes me like wearing shoes too.
15. Although I don't read either "Cosmopolitan" or "Good Housekeeping", having a young clerk at a gas station offer some old ones to me for free when they didn't sell any magazines makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


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