Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I wonder...

if I'll be able to turn my brain off or at the very least settle it in the next couple of weeks?

... Did we make the right decision?
... Will we be able to afford it?
... Where are we going to put the computer?
... What's going to go in the extra bedrooms for now?
... Why haven't we called Bonnie yet regarding reshingling?
... Will we get all our packing done on time?
... Have I actually packed some things already that we might need in the next two weeks?
... Will people like it like I like it or will they find it an odd and unusual home (and not in a good way)?
... What kind of light fixture should I get for the dining room? (I hate the one that's there currently?)
... Will Abby deal with this transition well or will she demand extra attention that we don't have the time to give?
... Will J-L and I be able to agree upon what goes where?
... Will we pass out from exhaustion by the third week in August? (working full-time, not taking any time off, a toddler, packing and moving ourselves, unpacking, cleaning)
... Are all the little extra expenses going to weigh me down or will I be able to manage them since the pros are so worth it?
... Will the current owners leave the place a mess or in good order?
... Will we be able to find a cheap patio set before the summer is out?
... Are there any trees in the backyard that are close enough together for me to have a hammock?
... What are we going to eat for meals during the transition time?
... Why haven't I started cooking some freezable meals for eating during the move?

Agh. It's no wonder I have a headache.


Blogger Heather said...

Two things to remember:
1. Moving is stressful, especially with a toddler and full time jobs. No two ways about it. Might as well just accept it.

2. You will survive.

Okay, maybe three:

3. You will love your house and we will love it too. (Probably even envy it a little, when I see your kitchen.) Just try to ignore me if I say "hmmm... this is odd..."

There - how's that for big-sisterly advice? :-)

3:00 PM  
Anonymous wendy said...

You're moving. You're MOVING! You have a HOUSE - YOUR house! (How many CAPITAL letters can I use?) Anyway, you are TOTALLY (notice the capital letters return) entitled to a headache and thoughts - exciting thoughts, worrying thoughts, wondering thoughts - whirring about in your head. It goes with the package.

And I love the way you list all the thoughts. I can totally "hear" myself thinking the same things. Or very nearly.

2:35 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

Heather's right. Moving's stressful but one day soon, you will be sitting somewhere in your house and you will breathe a deep sigh of contentment. You'll wish you could have done this sooner.

You haven't cooked any meals because your friends will take care of you.

3:18 PM  

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