Friday, November 23, 2007

Abby cuteness

The girl is talking more and more every day. I really need to start recording some of the cuteness or it will be gone forever.

We have this routine just before bathtime. She sits on the toilet to try to pee and I sit on the floor in front of her. We're both undressed, ready for our bath. I have lots of freckles on my shoulders. She points them out every time. She asks me what they are. I tell her (with a teasing smirk) that she knows. To which she usually responds "freckles?" Except last night the conversation went like this:

Abby: What's those? pressing her finger to my shoulder
Mom: Abby, you know.
Abby: Pickles?


Blogger K&W said...

too, too funny!!!

out here we'd say, "Oh, what a dote!" which means "Oh, isn't he/she (being) cute..." It's a compliment even though I always think it sounds like an insult. And to be a complete dote is a double compliment.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Accidental Poet said...

*smile* can't wait to see her again. That's the best reason I have for spending 1.6 hours in your company next weekend :)

3:07 PM  

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