Friday, May 21, 2010

Lose, win, um, lose?

Abby has gone next door to visit with the neighbours while I plant some flowers. She takes the Folk Fest chair over to sit and watch them gardening (apparently they're more interesting to watch than her mom?).

Jack (doing all things his sister does) follows suit. Abby is off her chair for a bit and Jackie sees his chance. Abby is NOT very pleased and proceeds to yell at her brother. (We've been discussing sharing quite a bit lately.) I promptly walk over to the yard, take apart the chair and carry it back to our yard. As you can very well imagine, I now have TWO screaming children. I explain to Abby about sharing and if she can't then... blahblahblah... you know the speech.

She storms off to the backyard slamming the gate behind her. I continue gardening fearing the worst. Oh dear, I think I might be headed for my very first I HATE YOU speech. Brace yourself.

I wait for awhile before heading to check on her. To my surprise she's looking around for the second kids' lawnchair we have. She comes out of the backyard carrying two yard chairs. I catch my breath in thankfulness. Oh my, maybe we've taught her a lesson that she's actually learned. Oh, maybe we are Good Parents. I have a daughter who shares! I have a daughter who can find solutions that are good for all!

The heavens open up and the angels begin to sing. I tell Abby how proud I am of her. I reiterate how good that was that she did that for her brother. I sing her praises.

Abby, slightly under her breath: "Oh, I thought you were going to give me something special."

Sigh. What's that adage about pride going before something?


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