Sunday, January 08, 2012

on living with three

Bits from his mouth:

J-L (on realizing that something that Jack is doing is a habit he learned from his father): Oh my gosh, that's so me!
Jack: No, it's not, it's ME!


They received a kitchen for Christmas. Much serving of food has occurred in our house since.
Jack: Dad, what you want to eat for supper?
J-L: Chicken, please.
Jack serves him the chicken.
J-L: Thanks, Jacky.
Jack: No, "thanks chef".


The Christmas season had our entire Plett family at a restaurant for lunch. They had a buffet which many people ate. As part of the buffet they had an ice cream bar.
Julie: Jack, I could bring you back an ice cream sundae!
Jack: No, I don't like nuts.
Julie: I could bring you everything BUT nuts.
Jack: No, I don't like butnuts.


And just this evening:

Jack: Dad, I would like to have a meatball egg cheeseburger. That would be yum for the boys.
Dad: Yeah, it would.
ccap: Jacky, have you ever had a meatball egg cheeseburger?
Jack: Yup!
ccap: Really, when?
Jack: Tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"yum for the boys"?

Too funny.

11:07 PM  
Blogger K,W,G and D said...

Such a cutie! And so lucky to have parents who remember his sweetness.

Korey recently got Gabriel to the table claiming we were eating a supper for men. ?

10:29 PM  

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