Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 18, 2005

I want to get this down before too much time passes. Therefore it will be in point form and most likely quite dull.

- Up bright and early and off to the airport for 7:15.

- Flight at 8:40.

- To Montreal by 12:15.

- Discovered that there was a 1:30 flight that we could have easily made but by the time we discovered it it was too late.

- Flight was to be at 3:00; delayed until 3:55.

- Finally on by 4:30 at which point we'd been in the airport for 4 hours. Sigh.

- Told flight was canceled due to bad weather. Get off the plane.

- Another sigh.

- Informed that all flights to LaGuardia for July 18 have been canceled. This is the point in the day when it's not good to be pregnant (hormones) AND a lover of traveling. This is the point in the day when the emotions shift from severe anger to a deep sadness at breakneck speed. What are we going to do now? There is no WAY that we are going to get on another flight. We will have to stay in a hotel in Montreal. So, that means we'll be paying for a hotel in Montreal AND NYC. As a tightwad this only adds to my frustration. And, with all of these canceled flights there will be a lot of people trying to get on flights the next day so a very good chance we won't get on one July 19 either. We may as well just head back home. If we were going for weeks it would be one thing but with us only going for a few days a day in Montreal puts a damper on everything. Having an emotional breakdown in an airport surrounded by strangers is not necessarily my idea of a good time but really, what's left to do at this point?

- Thankfully, (and I'm sure I'll say this often in my life) my husband is a positive thinker. It always comes down to his glass being half full while mine is staggeringly close to empty. He decides that we may as well try getting on another flight to NYC. No harm in trying. And believe me, he had to feel that pretty strongly because I am standing beside him constantly being a Negative Nancy. I just don't want to go through it all again. I don't feel like checking our bags, going through customs, being searched, sitting at a gate for hours only to be told that we have to go pick up our bags again. But, alas, we tried. And guess what?! We got on standby for the 5:30 flight which, due to being delayed, was leaving at 7! And more amazingly, we got on! I'm still in shock. WHY that lady told everyone that all flights were canceled is beyond me. But, I suppose I shouldn't be too upset with her as I think it's because of her we actually got on this flight - everyone else headed home or to a hotel or made other arrangements.

- Finally made it to NYC and out of an airport/airplanes by 9 pm. Not that unusual for a long trip but keep in mind that this is technically about a 3.5 hour trip and we'd been in either airports or airplanes for nearly 14 hours. Blech!

- Headed to our hotel, checked in, wandered Times Square, ate some supper and back to the hotel for some rest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the thing you're most looking forward to about no longer being pregnant (other than playing with the infant ;) is getting rid of that crying in public thing! I can't think of something that is MORE antithetical to who you are.

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