Friday, October 07, 2005

10 Random Thoughts for Friday

1. Why oh why does my coworker insist on wearing that strong perfume? And, more importantly, why does she think it's appropriate to spray it on at her desk instead of going to the bathroom to do it?

2. This hot chocolate is delicious. I probably never should have tried it as now I'm going to want it every day and my child is not going to thank me for that.

3. We are getting new flooring in our kitchen and bathroom at this very moment. Cool! Never even knew that was going to happen.

4. Sometimes it's just lovely to hear this from the ob: "An active baby is good. It means that the baby is getting the nutrition and oxygen he/she needs." Aw, shucks.

5. One day I really should get my filing done. I'd HATE to be one of those people who leaves it for the new person.

6. Thank the good Lord above for second winds. I was beginning to think I'd just fall asleep at my desk after lunch.

7. Frick I'm in a good mood at the moment. Figured I should probably post that so that you know that I'm not ALWAYS depressed/grouchy/negative. I'm happy the day is nearly over and I'm happy it's a long weekend.

8. I hope I have enough energy to do some cooking and freezing of food this weekend. We've been getting quite lazy (blame some of it on the move) with our eating and cooking habits and I don't see that improving when Peanut comes along. It would be good to at least have some food in the freezer.

9. Someone I don't really like very much just did something REALLY nice for me and I'm sitting here both stunned and thinking I'd better change my opinion of said person.

10. In one hour I will be finished my last 5 day workweek for 52 weeks. Suweet!


Blogger Heather said...

3. Suweet!

4. Did you actually SEE your ob??

5. What the heck - leave it!

7. Good!

4:23 PM  

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