Monday, April 16, 2007


Wherein I shout a lot and sound like an old lady and use phrases like “kids these days” and “what is the world coming to?”.

I am sick and tired of handheld electronic/digital technology!

There. Done.

Oh, you want more details? Well, okay, if you insist.

Fairly recently I have attended 2 concerts that have been negatively impacted by other attendees and their misuse of technology.

Gentleman/first concert: He was sitting 2 rows in front of us. He must have taken approximately 57 photos with his low-end digital camera during the show. WHAT?! You do realize, of course, that your camera has a flash about the size of a dime, right? You do realize that the stage is no less than 30 feet away from you, correct? Now, let’s do the math together, shall we? Dime + 30 feet + cheap camera + very dark room = extremely underexposed blurry photos. What fun! What, may I ask, are you going to do with them? And now, may I also remind you that that screen on your camera? Yeah, it’s very annoying to look at all show long. It’s fairly bright in a dark room and definitely obstructs the view of someone say, 2 rows away.

Teenage girl/second concert: She was sitting right beside me. During the show she must have text-messaged (yeah, because that’s now a verb. Hey, anything goes in a rant.) about 38 times. Honey, YOU’RE AT A CONCERT! What exactly is so important that you need to send someone a message right now?! If you love the show so much and you’re just that excited that you’re there: TELL THEM WHEN YOU GET HOME. If you’re not enjoying the show and would rather send important emails to people (do u like me?; I h8t school) then GO HOME. Because, again, that stupid little led screen on your phone that keeps blinking on every time you receive a text? Yeah, SUPER annoying.

Okay, NOW I’m done. Continue about your day.


Blogger Heather said...

In this case, "gentleman" would be a misnomer.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Michele said...

definitely worth a rant.

4:23 PM  
Blogger pamero said...

actually, wasn't that one guy at the first concert using a cell phone camera? SUPER high quality pictures! My favourite part was that he kept turning the camera on himself and flashing us with his stupid bright flash. Jerk.

12:50 PM  

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