Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fifteen

In the spirit of true randomness:

1. It’s inventory weekend for J-L this weekend which means basically being a single parent for 3-4 days. boo!

2. Wherein I come across as a completely judgemental so-and-so: Sometimes it’s nice to go to a function where there are other parents with young children to regain some self-confidence as a parent. The other night we were at a function where there was a young child who basically spent most of the evening being destructive, not eating his dinner and not listening to his parents. Of course, his parents basically shrugged and smiled the whole time and called out “Jaydn, please come eat something.” as he ran about the room. (Aside: J-L after the party: “Jaydn? Oh, I thought his name was Satan.”)

3. Carrie Prejean’s parents must be so proud, hey? I know *I* certainly would be.

4. Conversation with my daughter the other night:
Abby: Mom, lay on your stomach so that I can give you a massage.
Me: (as I lay on the couch promptly): Oh good!
Abby: What’s a massage?

5. I’ve become a little bit addicted to Freecycle. If I see someone posting something they are wanting I want to get it to them. At times it’s to the point where I even want to give away stuff we need. “Aaaaa, we don’t need it THAT much”.

6. We may not have had much of a summer but goodness are we having a lovely fall.

7. At times during this job I see employee applications and I very much enjoy looking at people’s names as well as what they name their children. For example: It’s no surprise to me that X & Y Smith have two children named Emma and Samuel. They just fit together well. They sound like they were named by the same parents.

8. One group I came across recently? A mom and 2 daughters: Rose Mary, Rosalie, Rose-Ann. Perhaps she thinks it’s cute? Me not so much. Narcissist would be more the adjective I would use.

9. Thinking of that makes me think of my dad. I would often look in the paper at baby announcements and have sarcastic things to say about their name choices. He got quite a kick out of that.

10. Sometimes I like to feed things to Jack that I know he does not like. He makes the most delightful (combination of confused/angry/betrayed) face. The other night it was coleslaw. Watching his face had Chanel and me snorting with laughter.

11. I did the same with my daughter. Not the same face but the same delight at her expense. Really, what’s the point of having children if you can’t laugh at them at times?

12. Is the company that sells Viagara going through some sort of financial crisis? Because they seem to send me a LOT of emails trying to persuade me to buy their product.

13. We’ve firmed up our friend Christmas dinner date. Of all the things that I love about Christmas (and there are plenty) this one ranks in my top 5 hands down. We’ve been doing it for years and I just LOVE it. Good food (potluck), relaxing evening and oodles of laughter. Plus, I’ve already bought the Christmas gifts for each of them which pleases me.

14. Speaking of Christmas, another wee story: The first Christmas J-L and I spent together we were having my family’s gathering in the evening on Christmas Day. I didn’t see the point of cooking much for lunch for the 2 of us when we were going to have a big supper. So, after church, J-L and I stopped off at 7-Eleven and bought a jar of salsa, a jar of cheese sauce and some taco chips and that was our Christmas lunch. Felt so completely wrong and weird being in Sev on Christmas Day and felt doubly weird eating junk food for lunch. And yet, this has now become our own little trailer trash tradition and it makes me smile. This year? Yeah, we’re taking the trailer trash to another level. J-L fills up gas at a Petro-Canada that has a 7-11 attached to it. For every fill we get $2 in Big Bucks. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? That’s right, we’re tucking away our Big Bucks for our Christmas lunch. We already have $12 and by Christmas should have another $10. Oh yeah, it’s the BIG bag of Nachos this year and methinks Abby and Chanel and Patrick will be getting slurpees as well.

15. I’ve heard rumours that Oprah is ending her show in 2011. Goodness! Can it be true!? Please let it be true.


Blogger pamero said...

4. Ha ha, good one Abby!
5. Oh my goodness, I feel the same way (but I never have anything people need..)
13. You've got all the presents?! I am jealous.
15. Ah yes, another reminder of why we are friends!

12:55 AM  
Blogger beckster said...

2. Ha ha ha, Oh how I miss hanging out with you guys!
4. I'm surprised she knew to get you to lie on your stomach! I'm impressed!
11. I remember the lemons! And I agree completely.

2:41 PM  
Blogger K,W,G and D said...

5. You and me both, sister. Korey will often say, "Well, maybe we should wait (with giving that away) till..." And we're also lucky to be on the receiving end. Got a jolly jumper and a baby playmat/gym this week. Woohoo!
10. Wish I could be there!
14. Sounds perfect!

3:56 AM  
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