Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Fifteen

Also known as I started to do a Thursday Thirteen but didn't get it done before the end of Thursday so how 'bout 15 on Friday?

1. The problem with having a color-blind husband is that he then expects more of you in the way of his wardrobe choices. Now to someone with even a teeny bit of fashion sense that might not be a problem...

2. My car didn’t start yesterday morning. Yup, it’s THAT cold out.

3. Speaking of cold, this spring sometime we are visiting a place where the beaches look like this:

Perhaps I should put that on my desktop to get me through these next few months.

4. Both children are sick again. I think there have been more times that they have been sick at the same time than times when only one of them has been sick.

5. You KNOW Abby’s sick when she begs to go to bed more than half an hour before her regular bedtime.

6. You know what I find mildly irritating? (I know, you’re saying to yourself: Cynthia finds something MILDLY irritating? Isn’t that an oxymoron?) Emails (strictly in a business setting, personal emails don’t fit in this irritation) saying “thanks”. Look, you asked for something, I did it. Please don’t fill up my inbox with unnecessary junk.

7. Know another thing I don’t like in the business setting? The phrase “my bad”. (truth is, I’m not fond of the expression OUTSIDE of the business setting either.) I just got an email with that in it. It’s like she’s trying to sound street. Honey, you’re a 20 year-old white girl who works in insurance...

8. Know something I find more than just MILDLY irritating? (Yes, Corrie and Pam, you can roll your eyes now, you’ve heard this more times than you need or want to.) The way cheating is portrayed in movies. I’m just fed up with it. It’s almost seen as an inevitability. And, the frustrating thing is, sometimes they get your emotions involved so that you’re almost HOPING they cheat as “they’re meant for each other” or “the husband is a jerk/cheater anyway” or some other tripe. A movie that shows marriage as tricky but worth it or alternately shows some of the heartbreak involved with cheating almost always gets a higher rating for me for that reason alone.

9. The amount of work I have to do when my team member goes on holidays sucks. Know what sucks even more? When she has an injury and is away from the office unexpectedly for 2 weeks. I could nearly cry with how overwhelmed and frazzled I feel.

10. Thing is though, more than anything I miss her when she’s gone. She’s one of my favourite people EVER and yes, I consider myself super lucky to work with one of my closest friends.

11. I just realized a large part of this list is cantankerous. Odd because I don’t actually feel that cantankerous at all.

12. Because really, I have a trip to look forward to, a birthday party, Movie Day and The Olympics. If I have ONE thing to look forward to I’m happy. 4? Delighted.

13. It’s interesting, I still tend to use the phrase “middle aged” about people at least 10 years older than myself and yet, at 40, that would not so much BE “middle aged” now would it?

14. 6.5 years in and I am still impressed with how well my husband and I work together. Cooking supper for company last night and I start to feel underprepared and stressed. He walks in the room and I can feel my stress level subside as I know he’ll just pick up the slack and do what needs to be done.

15. I’m actually sick as well. Whenever I have a cold I tend to think of my dad. He got a chuckle out of the fact that when people talked about their colds they tended to say “I have a bad cold”. The humour in it: Isn’t the word “bad” really redundant? And so I sit here smiling to myself remembering my dad. He’d even say sometimes that he had a good cold. This would be one of those. I mean, I’m blowing my nose a fair amount and I have a wee bit of a headache but it’s really had very little impact on my life so it’s not really that bad.


Anonymous bbb said...

I like #14, and #15 gave me a chuckle. :-)

2:02 AM  
Blogger corrie said...

"My bad" upsets you as much as "have a good one" upsets me.

I hate it. And I can't even say why.

5:30 PM  

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