Friday, June 18, 2010

I've waited 40 years for this

We're sitting in the car on the drive home, the kids and I. There has been talk quite recently of money and what she may get to spend at Folk Fest.

Abby: Do you think I could buy a cd at Folk Fest?
ccap: Possibly, but it would have to be one I like too so that we can share it.
Abby: It would have to be a girl singer. I like girl singers better. Is that girl that you like going to be at Folk Fest?
ccap: Which one, honey? There's a lot of girls that I like.
Abby: The one with the long hair and no glasses.
(that helps)
ccap: Do you know a song that she sings?
Abby: MOM, you KNOW who I mean! That GIRL.
ccap: Abby, all I know is that she has long hair and doesn't wear glasses. I need more help than that. Is it... (and I start listing off female singers that I like)
Abby: (Interrupting.) Yeah, Jann Arden!
ccap: No, honey, she's not going to be at Folk Fest but I don't need her newest cd anyway. I have it. Auntie Pam gave it to me for Christmas.

I put in said cd and I start to listen. Goodness do I love her newest cd. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. I look to the back seat. There she is, my four year-old daughter, singing along to Jann Arden. She knows the words, even has favorite songs on the cd. (#1 and #9 for those of you who have the cd.) And I feel my throat thicken and my heart flutter. I'm a lucky, lucky lady. This little girl who loves to garden with me and wants to pick the pretty pink peonies we have and likes girl singers (thankfully not JUST Taylor Swift) and gives me hugs every single day combined with whispered "I love you"s. This bright-eyed happy girl who gets home from daycare yesterday and has a list in her brain of all the people she'd like to talk to. Who thinks of saying "Happy Birthday" to Auntie Sue and to Julie all on her own. This spunky brave girl who drives me crazy nearly every day but then also helps to wash up her brother at bath-time or knows to rinse out the sink after spitting out her toothpaste with no nagging from us. Who picks Going Out over Staying Home every time. (With a husband who likes to stay home it's REALLY nice having her in my corner.) Who has discussions with her Auntie Marja about what ingredients they used on Chopped and thinks to ask her soccer-obsessed cousins if they've been watching the World Cup. She's just my favorite little girl ever and I ache at the thought of her growing up.

Now, if only I could get her to like movies.


Anonymous Nichole said...

I wish we didn't live so far apart. I have a feeling our girls would be great friends!

1:23 PM  
Anonymous bbb said...


2:17 PM  
Anonymous Heather Plett said...


And someday she'll be 14 and buying you the newest Sarah McLachlan & Jack Johnson cds for your birthday, partly because she wants to download them onto her ipod. The growing up's not all that bad. :-)

7:32 AM  
Blogger corrie said...

She's a keeper. I've been admiring the two tattoos she gave me all day : )

5:40 PM  

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