Monday, January 17, 2011

Useless Stats

Yes, I did a post like this last year. But, here's the thing about me. I like movies. And, I also like stats. And I love year-in-review type lists. So, combine all three? Yeah, I'll fritter away some time. Plus, I don't go anywhere during my lunch hour and yet I like to take a break so lazy internet usage is just the break I need. Anyway, this year I got even nuttier. Last year 26 lists? This year 42. It's unhealthy really. Without further adieu, here are the most highly rated movies of 2010:

10. The Ghost Writer - 8 votes
10. The Fighter - 8 votes
9. The Town - 10 votes
9. Exit Through the Gift Shop - 10 votes
8. True Grit - 11 votes
7. 127 Hours - 12 votes
6. The Kids Are All Right - 17 votes
5. The King's Speech - 18 votes
5. Black Swan - 18 votes
4. Winter's Bone - 19 votes
3. Inception - 21 votes
2. Toy Story 3 - 26 votes

And by far and away the number one movie to appear on most critics' Top 10 Movies of 2010 is...

1. The Social Network - 36 votes

I've seen 10.5 of the movies noted (thus far, I still want to make it through another 1.5 of them). There are a couple on there that are completely perplexing to me but such is the way of "art".


Blogger pamero said...

ugh. art. puke. ha ha. I'm off to see some "art" again tonight because Don wants to see some 'art' too. ha ha.

9:00 PM  

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