Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here's what I know

I have been stressed today. Jittery, moody, overwhelmed... Stressed. Several things in my life have felt like too much today. And several times today my husband has said "let me take the kids away for a bit" and "let me help you with that". And I feel grateful. Blessed. And when I think of some of the stressors it makes them seem less dragon-like with him by my side.

Be the light in my lantern tonight

So throw away those lamentations
We both know them all too well
If there's a book of jubilations
We'll have to write it for ourselves
So come and lie beside me darling
And let's write it while we still got time

Thank you Moodge.


Blogger pamero said...

Ah, Joshy... he just knows how to say it. AND sing it.

11:39 AM  

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