Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 19, 2005

And this could be called the day of walking. I think my feet may still be recovering.

- Started out with a bad bagel for breakfast. It's New York City, shouldn't the bagels be good? Wacky.

- At 9:30 we stood in line for Letterman tickets. Thankfully the line-up wasn't too bad. As much as I wanted to see Letterman live I really didn't want to waste an entire day standing in line. Bit of a process involved though. First you line-up for awhile and then you get to go inside the lobby at which point they talk to you explaining the process and you have to fill out a form. They're very particular with i.d.s and if you sign up for a specific guest you HAVE to bring that guest or come alone. No substitutes. After the form is filled out you have to line up again and eventually go through a short interview. I'm still not 100% sure what the point of the interview is but thankfully none of these steps took too long.

- From there it was off to the Met so that I could spend some glorious time looking at artwork. Of course, the walk there was 30+ blocks so it it wasn't like it was an immediate jump. And, on the way there we got the call that we got tickets to see Letterman. Woohoo! Two happier people you wouldn't have seen on 5th Avenue at that moment. We were giddy. Seeing Letterman live would have probably been on a List of Things To Do Before I Die had I made up such a list. I've been a fan basically since I've had television (introduced to him by my bbb).

- Following The Met we had a leisurely walk through Central Park.

- Off to F.A.O. Schwarz and Crate and Barrel and then back to the hotel to freshen up.

- Next step for Letterman: Stand in line again; get your tickets; learn how to shout, laugh and clap and leave. Come back for show in 45 minutes. Like I said earlier, a bit of pomp and circumstance but I'd go through it again anytime. The show was surreal. I could hardly believe I was sitting there, 9 rows away from Letterman's desk. The set, the man, the band that I'd been watching for years suddenly right before my eyes. Very cool experience. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.

- Off for supper to Stage Deli. Not the cheapest meal ever and certainly more protein than we actually need in one meal but still definitely tasty.

- And then it was time for some more walking. You know, 'cause 4+ hours was hardly enough. Oh yeah, and might I add that it was excruciatingly hot and humid in NYC that day. To quote Letterman: "It was so hot in NYC today that my cab driver told me that if he were ever to use deodorant today would be the day."

- First stop: Grand Central Station which probably would have been a lot neater had it not been covered in scaffolding.

- Then, although our feet were nearly ready to fall off and our sweat glands were screaming for a break, I'm not someone who rests much on trips: Off to Central Park for a romantic carriage ride.

- The carriage ride ended just as the fireworks above Central Park began. Another one of those moments in time that you can't necessarily plan for but catch you by surprise in their beauty. Wandering "home", hand in hand, with fireworks exploding above our heads and our baby dancing inside me.


Anonymous bbb said...

What? No Hello Deli?!? How could you not go see Rupert? :-)

Anyway, you do know how to make a guy jealous!

11:00 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Ooo... that last line gives me chills!

And yes, just like bbb - JEALOUS!

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you at least walk BY Rupert?

11:48 AM  

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