Thursday, September 20, 2012

just overheard from the other room

"Jack, maybe we should learn you how to be a LITTLE nicer."

And then, moments later I went in where they were having a bath.

ccap: Jack, you haven't washed up at all yet?
Jack: Nope, I'm Captain Hook.

Well, alrighty then.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Ever have one of those days (nay... weeks) where you wish you could wear a sign around your neck that says "Fragile, handle with care"?

Or "I'm teetering... please don't load on too much more [emotions, work etc]".

Or instead of an out-of-office vacation auto-respond it could say "Hi, Cynthia Plett is currently in the office but feeling a tad overwhelmed. Please have some grace and don't expect a response too quickly."

Yeah, one of those.

Or, could be that I just really need a good night's sleep.

taking after his poppa

J-L has been promising Abby a date for months now. A dress-up and go to a restaurant that doesn't have a kids' menu kind of date. Tonight is that night. And so, junior and I will be heading out for a date as well - his choice.

What did he pick you ask? Subway and then coming back home to watch a movie we have on DVD.

Cheap date, just like his dear old dad. :-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mind your manners

Conversation at our dinner table last night:

Abby: Mom, if you're rich do you have servants?
ccap: Well, I suppose if you're really, REALLY rich.
Abby: Like, the president. Does he have servants?
ccap: Yes, the president would have people working for him.


Abby: Does he say "please"?