Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sometimes even the fights make us smile

We're on our way home in the van yesterday. Jack has a water from Wendy's in his hand. Abby has none.

Abby: Jack, can I have a sip of water?
Jack: No.
Abby: Jack, you're a mean brother! and then proceeds to grab the water from his hands thus knocking the top off and spilling the water on her brother.
Jack: No, I'm a MAD brother.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Dear teacher

I'm sure when you came up with the homework idea of eating an apple and counting the seeds your intentions were good. I'm sure in your head you thought "oh, we're working with an apple theme this week, that will work." And, truth is, it IS a fun idea.

Problem is, we didn't look ahead. And we don't have any apples. And there's a six year-old girl that lives here that burst into tears when she discovered she may not be able to do her homework. And that she'd possibly get into trouble. Or, if nothing else, disappoint her teacher and herself. No amount of "don't worry, honey. We'll write a note to the teacher explaining the situation" would console her.

And so, tomorrow, when you casually completely ignore the homework from last night please know there's a little girl who did not.

And, if you're in a grocery store right now and you see a tall man with 2 kids in tow - one which is likely not wearing any socks or hat and one who is dressed in a Disney princess dress please don't "tsk, tsk" about the clothing choices or the fact that maybe those kids should be in bed. Please just know that we're trying to do our best for our high stress/worry filled girl.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

one from the older boy in the house

I'm sitting here at the table watching movie trailers. J-L is sitting close by doing something on his blackberry.

The next preview I watch is one for Mission Impossible.

J-L hears the familiar sound associated with MI: What is that now, Mission Impossible 6? 7? What is this, Mission Impossible: The Geriatric Years? Your mission, should you choose to remember it...

At least he'll keep me chuckling through the years of drudgery that is our marriage.

Edited to add: Hours later. J-L just read the post: "our marriage is drudgery?" Apparently I'm sleeping downstairs tonight.