Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh my, save me from my diva!

I just told my daughter that perhaps we would go out for ice cream after supper. She had to run to her closet to "pick something out". Apparently ice cream calls for a new outfit. No word of a lie. She came back bearing a pretty dress: "is this good for ice cream?"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bullets of randomness

  1. Our exchange student arrives in our home one week from today. I am equal parts excited and nervous and scared. A new adventure for our family.
  2. We received some mail addressed to the previous owners of this house. The mail is from their real estate agent. It is noted as the "preferred client update". Seems to me if (a) she SOLD the house for them and (b) they are preferred clients shouldn't she know that they no longer live here?
  3. Abby has discovered a love for scissors. Little by little she is learning how to use her very own special pair of purple ones. And our house has become filled with little bits of paper. Ugh. (Thankfully, thus far it's all been paper we allowed her to cut. Hopefully it stays that way.)
  4. Jack is 3 months old today. It feels like we've been 4 for a long time already but it's only been 12 weeks. The time of uncertainty when he was in my womb was 20 weeks.
  5. It's interesting when Abby is upstairs and I am downstairs and I call out to her "what are you doing?" and she says "not anything" I become more suspicious than if she were to TELL me what she was doing.
  6. Doesn't it just figure that our van's brakes need replacing the same day that our hot water tank blows? Incidentally, I do find it rather humorous that we have to dip into our rainy day fund on a VERY (literally) rainy day.
  7. Back in June I ordered something from a company online. By the beginning of July I still hadn't received it so I contacted them. They found the tracking number and gave it to me. It was discovered that Canada Post had tried delivering it, had been unable to and sent it back to the company. (Yes, I do question that Canada Post had actually tried delivering it since currently I am home nearly every day but that's another story.) Anyway, since then I have been contacting the company occasionally. As of today they STILL had not received the returned package from Canada Post. Instead of waiting any longer they will just ship me another one today. Good choice on their part. Good customer service. If only more companies would realize that the cost of that one item is minimal in comparison to leaving a customer unhappy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It's rather interesting. At 2 months Jack weighed what Abby did at 4 months. At 3 months Jack weighs what Abby did at 6 months. That's right, we had (have) our petite little girl and now we have a bruiser boy. Thing is, they have received the exact same diet and eat with the same regularity. Why the difference?

I really don't mind at this stage as the rolls and the folds are fun and ohsokissable. But, if he keeps this up he might be outgrowing the infant car seat before he's even able to sit on his own. Oh yeah, and we might end up on the Maury show.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympics

We did not have a television growing up. And yet, in '84 and '88 we borrowed or rented one to watch the Olympics. My father and I. Those were the years of my teens and we butted heads a lot. And yet, we were joined in our love of Olympics. We were glued to the tv.

Mary Lou Retton. Carl Lewis. Alex Baumann. Greg Louganis. Mark Tewksbury. Mary Decker and Zola Budd.

I watch them now again. So many of the reporters are the same. And yet now I watch them with a little girl who just really wants to watch more swimming. A little girl my father never met.

How much things stay the same and how much they change.


Can someone please explain to me how it is that this girl:

HATES to have her hair washed because the water gets in her eyes?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy memories

Why, yes, our holiday WAS lovely.