Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweetest moment with Abby in the last couple of days

The flight attendant on the airplane the other day: Wow, you're lucky. Not every little girl your age gets to go on an airplane. You'll have to tell all your friends.

Abby (looking up at me quizzically): Mom, do I have any friends?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The doctor gave me permission. J-L and I talked it over Tuesday night and we'd already decided that we'd go on some sort of trip either way. The only trouble is, most of what's drivable from Winnipeg in the amount of time we have is stuff we've already seen. Plus, any time I would think of missing the Jazz fest or packing the shorts away I would start to cry.

Thankfully, not an issue in the end. I'm still completely plugged up in my right ear but the doctor said that's just liquid that can't drain due to my sinus cold. The swelling and redness have gone down considerably and she did not consider it a danger to fly. Thank you, God!

The flights went smashingly and the kids were fine and so were my ears. We are currently in Mobile, Alabama (hit the road right from the NOLA airport - New Orleans is going to be the end of our trip). It's wonderfully warm out here and we're just catching a wee bit of Food Network before bed. Thanks for your concern and prayers.

Tomorrow? Florida!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the trip

It's really hard to develop any sort of excitement or even to pack any clothes when my doctor tells me she wants to see me first thing tomorrow morning because if my ear infection is extremely red and inflamed we will have to cancel our flights. Considering I currently have the exact same feeling in my ear that I did when a walk-in doctor said "oh boy" when she looked in my ear I'm not holding my breath that we'll be flying to NO on Thursday.

And now I think I will just crawl over to the nearest corner and cry the night away.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Two guesses

1. Guess whose connections hooked us up with some comp tickets to an Atlanta Braves baseball game in waaaay better seats (to the tune of twice the value) than we were planning on getting?

2. Guess who has a crazy head cold and nasty ear infection (the doctor literally said “oh boy!” when she looked into said ear) and is desperately praying that it is all cleared up before the air pressure of an airplane makes it feel as though the head is imploding?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

1 week today

In one week we head out on our southern adventure. In the midst of all this illness (yes, 3 out of 4 of the family are still fighting illnesses) I need to keep that in view. And, in light of that, here are our lists of things we want to do on our trip. Very curious to see how many we accomplish:

ccap’s list
1. See Spanish moss.
2. Eat a classic NO po’boy sandwich.
3. Take the Dolphin tour in Savannah.
4. Visit the Coke headquarters in Atlanta.
5. NO Jazz fest.
6. Fountain of Rings at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta.
7. Walk around Savannah.
8. Wander the shops in Old Market in Charleston.
9. Long Vue House & Gardens in NO.
10. Farmer’s Market in Crescent City in NO
11. Tybee Island (20 minutes from Savannah).
12. Wander the wharf in Charleston.
13. Charleston: Rainbow Row.
14. Eat a (scratch that, several) pralines in NO.

J-L’s list
1. Visit a DDD restaurant
2. Eat some jambalaya.
3. NO jazz fest
4. See a plantation
5. Eat some gumbo
6. Walk around Savannah
7. Drink some Southern-type cocktail
8. Stay in a B&B.
9. Go to some dive NO restaurant to hear some jazz
10. Atlanta Braves baseball game

Abby’s list
1. Buy some necklaces.
2. Stay in a hotel.
3. Buy some bracelets.
4. See the dolphins.
5. Eat out.

Monday, April 05, 2010

God give us strength

Jack started in on it last night at about 1 am - both ends at the same time. Thankfully there are two people caring for him... one for each end.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Two sides to my weekend

Happy, happy boy. Pleasant to be with, flirting with his cousins and auntie and be delighted with his grandma. Happy to wander the halls of the hotel. Delightful to put asleep.

Sick, sick girl. Oh so very sick. Coming out of both ends at the same time. Weak and lethargic. Constant puking. A broken down mom, weeping first in the middle of the mall, then again in the hotel room and then again when I spoke with J-L. It was just so hard on me emotionally to see her like that. I lost track of how much she puked. If you ask her she'd say "37, no, 38" when she remembers her latest puke this afternoon. Basically since Thursday morning she has held down about a 1/4 of a bagel and a chicken nugget (I know, not the best thing for her but when she actually ASKED for that after not wanting any food for 2 days already I didn't even care). She has lost 3.5 pounds already and that, my friends, is over 8% of her body weight. Yes, a doctor will be visited tomorrow. The crazy thing is, her mood is unbelievable. She hasn't whined, the only time she's cried is when she has diarrhea that we then need to wipe her bum (typically by now she wipes her own bum and so the tears are due to guilt at us having to wipe it for her, poor thing). When I burst into tears at the hotel she came up to me, patted me on the back and told me that she would try not to puke anymore. Bless her little heart. I remember when I was pregnant with her and suffered with prenatal depression. I wondered if I would ever be the same again. If I would ever feel normal again. I'm starting to feel that way with her after 4 days of this: Will she ever bounce again? Will she ever beam again?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just typing exactly what's on my brain at the moment

1. I'm supposed to be at work at the moment but I'm home due to a puking daughter.
2. I'm supposed to be leaving for a wee holiday at noon. Here's hoping it still happens (see #1).
3. I saw my first springtime robin this morning which made me happier than I am able to express with words.
4. We're currently watching The Food Network. It's really the only way I know how to get Abby to stop moving outside of sleep.
5. She is tightly grasping the puke bucket as we speak.
6. Sigh. Had to stop there for a moment to hold her hair back for the latest bout. No food, just water. Could be an interesting ride to Fargo.
7. Spring always makes me think of my dad. He developed such a spring in his step this time of year. I'm dreadfully lonesome for him today. I haven't cried for due to missing him for quite some time. I did today.