Thursday, July 19, 2012

Well I can go home now

1. I saw (yet another) covered bridge. Americana bonus: There was a family rope-swinging into the creek underneath it.

2. I have heard a tonne of southern accents. (Abby even asked the other day why people down here kept saying "y'all".) Americana bonus: One wonderful woman that we were talking to even said: "It's so hot and humid out there it's like mashed potatoes" (pronounced pataydas).

3. I got to go to a county fair complete with sheep judging and prizes for the best preserves and pies. Americana bonus: We got to see the Miss Teen Franklin County Fair pageant.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 2

Know what sucks? The airport shuttle driver shutting the door on your husband and driving away leaving you with 2 kids and a whole whack of luggage as he runs beside the bus hitting it and begging to get on (which apparently didn't matter to the driver nor did my begging from inside the bus). Know what sucks even more? Doing that with an already overly anxious child where everything already feels overwhelming and unknown to her. Know what sucks even MORE? When that exact same shuttle driver shuts the door when you arrive at your location and both children are outside the bus and I'm inside the bus. Anyone who knows Abby even a little bit can imagine the sheer look of terror on her face as I stood inside a bus that was about to drive away as she stood at the curb with her brother and a bunch of luggage. (The vibrations/tears/questions didn't stop for well over an hour after that. Frankly, she now holds my hand going on an elevator.)

Know what doesn't suck? Watching two children sitting by the window of a plane as the earth gets farther away.

Two other minor things: Looks like our laptop has crapped out. Add that to the sucky pile. And our hotel right now? Soooo didn't have to worry about last night's being the nicest. This hotel is like nothing I've ever seen before. And, an expedia ad here: We paid less than 33% of what the book rate is. Add that to the NON sucky pile. Not sure how we're going to feel about camping tomorrow night and for most nights thereafter.

Day 1... ish

Lesson I learned: I don't really enjoy driving 70 mph on curvy, unfamiliar roads that are wet in the night.* However, I also don't really enjoy watching my husband's eyes drooping at 70 mph on unfamiliar roads.

Another lesson I learned: Probably not the best staying in the fanciest hotel of the trip the very first night.

Cutest line of the drive: At about midnight, shortly before we arrived at the hotel. Jack: Oh no! We forgot to go on a plane today!

* Incidentally, once I realized (not always the sharpest kid out there) I didn't HAVE to have it on cruise I felt a lot better about the whole thing. Doh!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

yup, four is fun too

Conversation of a moment ago.

Jack: What if I would be 100? Would I be in heaven?
ccap: Yup.
Jack: But I would miss you.
ccap: Oh, don't worry, if you're 100 I'll be there too.
Jack: What if all the people in the whole WORLD were 100?
Jack: What if there were rocket ships there? We could put a penny in them and then fly around.
ccap: That would be cool.
Jack: That would be SUPER cool.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Thirteen Walks Week 5

The morning took us to the strawberry fields. Jack felt a lot of taste testing was necessary. And then again when I was cleaning them: "Mom, I just can't stop myself."

Walk #5 was Abby's choice: Assiniboine Park. We visit this park fairly often but Abby had never seen the faces up close and personal and wanted to. Bill Norrie had a little visitor on his face.

A couple of the gents got a chance to wear Jack's gentleman's hat.

The problem with sneaking in to a garden to get a close-up of a flower is that Jack feels that's an invitation for him to do the same.

Just one of the many differences in my children. Abby picks me a bouquet of flowers for my wedding. Jack picks flowers... to eat them.

Thirteen Walks #4

This walk took us to Kildonan Park. A lot of people put on lens hoods but I am actually a big fan of sun flare.

Sometimes I think I should do a whole series of Abby's cartwheels. The girl can barely walk. If there is open space A.N.Y.W.H.E.R.E. there is a cartwheel.

I was just SO impressed with the crispness to the edges of their flower gardens.  My hat goes off to the person who tends to the gardens at Kildonan Park.

Monday, July 02, 2012

I am an unabashed fan of fireworks. I am one of those you will see with a very large goofy grin on my face as they pop over my head.

7 years ago this summer I stood in NYC with my beloved's arms wrapped around me watching the fireworks over Central Park as my unborn child did cartwheels inside me.

Last night, after a day filled with cartwheels, I stood in Assiniboine Park with that baby's arms* wrapped tightly around me (excitement and a bit of unease) watching the fireworks explode over our heads.

It's a lucky, lucky life.

* The boys had headed back to the van as the youngest isn't a fan of the noise.