Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Any suggestions?

I have one child who is begging, nay BEGGING that Santa not come to her house. She nearly shakes in fear at the sight/idea of him. Last year we had to write a letter asking him not to come. (He even graciously wrote back saying he wouldn't come but that she would still get gifts.)

Here's the rub: #2 is now begging and whining that Santa do indeed come to our house.

It's not like I can tell him that he'll just come to his bedroom and not hers. They share a room.

Thing is, I don't care much for the idea of Santa. Never really have. But I don't mind if my 3 year-old remains a 3 year-old for a brief moment in time and believes in him.


Update: She just wrote another letter with the same request. "Mom, it says 'Dear Santa. Please don't come to my house. Abby.' I didn't write 'love' because I don't love him."

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sentences I never would have guessed I'd hear in my life

Jacky, on the toilet, holding it down and peeing so hard that it's spraying:

Yuck, pee is getting in my eye!