Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Question Girl

She still asks a lot of questions:
Mom, why do they have monkey bars on buses?

Perhaps even more than she did before:
Mom, can they drive through red lights too? (pointing at a tow trunk whose lights were flashing)

I used to think it was a phase:
Mom, when you say that so-and-so is trying to get pregnant, what do you mean? What do they do to practice?

But now I realize it's her personality:
Mom, how do you get a boyfriend? How do you fall in love?

And some of the questions have just become so much harder to answer
Mom, why do people get cancer?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sick home update

I'm washing nasty ohsonasty diarrhea out of Jack's underpants and shorts while J-L helps him finish what's left on the toilet.

I look at J-L with a sigh: This is fun!
Jack: No, it's not!

And a few moments later: Sick people have to poop a lot.

Words of wisdom from the 3 year-old. I think someone should crosstich that on a pillow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wherein I whine a little bit but then also turn it around for two tiny rays of sunshine

  1. We have been sick. Horribly, horribly sick. Weak in the knees, exhausted sick. Jack got it last week and I got a wee touch of it as well. This week Abby got it and I got it again.

  2. Much puking has occurred.

  3. Feeling this sick isn't fun EVER. Feeling this sick when the temperatures are rising in the high 30s and the house is not air-conditioned is much worse.

And now the little bits of sunshine:

  1. Our sweet friend Justin brought over a monarch chrysalis for us. Today it emerged. And I felt lucky. Lucky to have a friend like that and lucky to get to see a butterfly spread his wings for the very first time. Lucky, lucky.

  2. My husband has gone above and beyond during this bug. I marvel at his kindness. And I have NO idea how people go through stuff like this on their own. Seriously, tonight I likely would have locked them in a room and thrown food in there for them so that they would survive their night. Blessed I am.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Three year-olds are funny... and, what I've become obsessed with

It seems I've entirely lost interest in posting on this blog. Too busy with another obsession of mine: photography.

For the three of you who actually read this and haven't become annoyed with my ever present camera: I'm in the midst of completing a 365 day photo project. That's right, one photo every day for a full year. I barely wanted to admit it at first for fear that I wouldn't complete it. But, now that I'm in the triple digits I feel like maybe there's hope that I stick with it.

If you're so inclined, it's here.

And, also, a wee video for you. Bit of background: There's a joke that J-L enjoys getting people with and it goes like this:

J-L: It smells like updog in here.
other person: What's updog?
J-L: I don't know, what's up with you, dog?

And now Jack has taken to telling the joke as well. His version (in case you can't hear it in the video):

Jack: It smells like hotdog in here.
Jack: What's hotdog?
Jack: I don't know, what's up with you, hot dog?